Passive Income

On this page I would like to share with you my Actual Passive income every 3 weeks.

All the statements you see are my actual Passive Income payments

We receive our statements on a Thursday (every 3 weeks) and on the following Wednesday that money goes into our bank accounts on a BACS system.

So, before you see my statements you might be asking what is a passive Income?

As said in Wikipedia a passive or residual income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  Although that makes MLM earnings an easy to do business.  It certainly isn’t and it does need years of dedication and years of building your team size to become a massive passive income.  But, once you are at the level that your business will run and you will earn with little effort you can either continue to build or sit back and take your passive income.

 I would like to share my actual Income from working my MLM business and show you exactly what YOU could be earning too.

In October 2011 My Passive Income was amazing

I earned almost £10,000.00 for 3 weeks work.  Here is my pay cheque to prove it!

In Late October I got paid again!…Remember with Avon MLM Leadership you get paid 18 times a year!

My Residual Income for November 2011 was a whopping £11,589.45

In December 2011 I earned an MLM Income of over £11,675.00

That wasn’t it for December though!…I had another pay cheque for over £7,000.00  that accumulates to a passive income of over £18,800.00 in the month of December 2011!

January 2012 and things take a dip in the business as does any other business that has dips and peeks.  But, remember this period is short lived and if you live wisely you will have anticipated your dip before you spend all your earnings the 2 months before!

So, January 2012′s passive income as an MLM Leader earned me in the region of £2,180.00, but it didn’t stop there.  We had a 2nd payment in January too!

In late January my residual income included £3,726.17 making a total earnings (in the dip of the year) of over £5,913.00

February 2012 and the MLM business world wide is the same as January, we are still in a dip but look how much of a residual income I was paid…Over £5,745.00

Again, I would like to remind anyone that knows anything to do with making a Passive Income, this commission is based on the efforts of the people I have recruited and developed over a period of years.  Some of which have been placing orders with Avon for over 9 years and some of which have only just placed their 1st order!…A passive Income as an MLM Leader and within the Avon Company has to be the most duplicatable MLM structure I have ever come across!..

It is now March 2012 and my passive income over the past 3 weeks has increased by over £1000.00 on last years pay cheque…. I was paid…Over £6,848.00  Not bad considering the country keeps barking on about a recession and no jobs and no money….

Leadership and MLM is most definitely your key to financial freedom

March 29th Massive Passive Income

April 2012 Passive income revealed

May 2012 £1000.00 pay-rise!…..