Another Massive Passive income….really?

Passive Income Avon C7 2012

Yes, you have read it right!...For another 3 weeks work we have taken home a whopping £7,358.32   I know that you may see other MLM and Network Marketing companies out there telling you about how their commission plan is the one to … [Continue reading]

Building Extraordinary British Businesses

Hello from Gail Reynolds What a year to be British! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the World’s biggest sporting event, and now this. There’s never been a better time to celebrate “Britishness”. Have you ever wondered what lies behind … [Continue reading]

MLM success on TV

My MLM Success on TV with Declan Curry on the BBC It isn't just a pipe dream and it certainly isn't an illegal pyramid scheme. Avon's MLM structure has the backing of the 125 year old company and the iconic Branding as the "Company for women" … [Continue reading]