What you always wanted to know about the Multi -Level-Marketing Industry

  • What is Multi Level Marketing?

MLM is a marketing strategy where the independent Sales person not only gets paid  a commission on their personal sales to their customer base, but also they can recruit a team of consultants/sales people/representatives to duplicate their efforts.  In doing so they will earn commissions and bonuses from the sales that their recruited consultants/sales people/representatives have sold and those sales people now become the recruiters down line.  This down line may go on to duplicate the efforts of their up line and thus forming a Multi Level Marketing business.

  • Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

No, absolutely not.  Pyramid schemes are illegal and quite rightly so. Pyramid schemes rarely have an end product or service and it is simply a way to exploit people in making large payments and joining fees.  It is primarily based on them enrolling others to the scheme to enable them to get paid themselves.  In short a pyramid scheme is a non sustainable business model because when your referrals stop so does your income.  Where as the MLM industry offers end products and services and a life long residual income and it does not rely on others recruiting others into the business to earn a substantial income.  For instance, I may stop recruiting new sales people into my MLM business tomorrow but I will still earn a residual income from all the sales people I have recruited since 2002 and their sales to their personal customers for as long as they keep on selling the companies products.

  • Do I need qualifications or a sales background?

No, we provide you with all the training and guidance you will need to become successful within our team.  Remember, I knew nothing of this industry back in 2002 but I have been in the TOP 1% highest earners for the past 5 years.  You will receive one on one expert guidance and exclusive training materials to help you build a successful MLM business.

  • What are the advantages of joining the MLM industry over working a full-time job?

The advantages of becoming an MLM Leader over working a 9-5 job are simple.  You become your own boss and you choose who what when and how you work your business.  All your efforts are seen in your results every 3 weeks.  The only thing you need to build this business is time!  Money isn’t necessarily a need in the early days, just your time, dedication and passion to build your own residual income.  The residual/passive income is the most attractive part of MLM.  You may take “time off” but you will still get paid.

  • What is a residual/passive income?

As said in Wikipedia a passive or residual income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  Although that makes MLM earnings an easy to do business.  It certainly isn’t and it does need years of dedication and years of building your team size to become a massive passive income.  But, once you are at the level that your business will run and you will earn with little effort you can either continue to build or sit back and take your passive income.

  • Can I work the MLM Leadership business all from home?

No.  The Avon MLM Leaders have a 1st appointment Face To Face contract.  All the people you generate and recruit onto your team will have to be appointed Face To Face as per your contract.  Once the initial appointment is conducted we give you our exclusive training email system (for FREE) to maintain and retain your team.

  • How long does it take to appoint team members?

This is a personal thing.  Most MLM Leaders recruit their team members within 45 minutes to an hour.  Our Exclusive training guide has a step by step appointment that you will be given on day 1.  You will also receive one on one training with your Upline Leader with your 1st 3-5 appointments.

  • Will I get help generating Leads to recruit?

Yes.  We at MLM Leadership have an exclusive and comprehensive Lead generating training guide that will enable you to begin generating leads for you to appoint into your team on your 1st day of training.  We at MLM Leaders also give your the resources for you to Leaflet drop and prospect in and around your local area.

  • What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is a way of generating interest from the public and your local community to join your MLM team.  Prospecting means you will talk to people in the high street, maybe door knock and attend exhibitions and local stands.  Prospecting is a fantastic way to build your confidence, knowledge and team in a short period of time.  Prospecting is FREE, it just means you have to “Speak to people” whatever you are doing and were ever you are. Avon have a moto that you stick by when prospecting;

Anyone Anywhere Any Time Always Ask Avon