How to make a Passive Income

A Passive Income….Great, another way to earn more money!

Well,yes it is…A Passive Income can be that extra bit of cash that gets you through the month, or that well deserved break you have needed over the past few years!  Or better still as in my case, a complete transformation in life style and career.

Most people who type in “passive income” into a search engine are already of the mindset and need that More Money is now a necessity.  So, if you found this article by doing and feeling exactly that then welcome to my blog.

I have to tell you something about myself before I go any further though.  Although I have been earning a “Passive Income” for the best part of 10 years, I didn’t know that is what I was doing until recently!.  I just found this opportunity to “Meet New People” (my personal need at the time) and went with it.  After a couple of weeks I quickly realized that this was more than just meeting new people and making friends in my new area.  But, now that I know what my earnings actually mean and how the passive or residual income structure works, then I am very glad to have “needed friends way back in 2002″ when i first started my MLM business.

Creating a passive income for most starts of as a part time thing, and to be fair that is probably the best way to start.  I used to work 16 hours a week 10 till 2 Monday to Thursday and earn myself £100.00 for my efforts.  That money paid for my gas, electric and food bill.  So I couldn’t afford to simply quit my part time job whilst starting this new venture.  Take a look at this very funny and interesting way of starting your MLM business with Jim Rohn .  In this video he shares his personal story of when he began his MLM business and talked about having “This little Part Time Thing Goin”

The Jim Rohn clip for me is a simple way for anyone to understand how the passive income structure works before they look any further.

Passive Money = Passive Lifestyle

Having that extra bit of money isn’t just about paying the bills and making ends meet.  although it can be just that.  But, since the amazing concept of MLM was given to me the passive income has become my only income.  It has created a lifestyle beyond recognition for me.  Once, and not too long ago, I lived in a council flat with 2 kids and barely paying the rent.  My life was pretty mundane and the luxuries in life were a trip to the cinema once a month with the kids.

It is incredible how it all changes when you are “Looking” for something new.  If you want to see the type of income I am on from my MLM business then scoot on over to the passive income tab and see for yourself.

Or if you would like to check out our family and business achievements then why not go and see for yourself at the MLM Achievements tab?

But, before you leave I would like you to consider this one quote…

If you always do what you’ve a;ways done

You will always get what you always got!

Try our MLM Leadership business and earn what you deserve!

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