MLM and the UK £6 Million Pound Mum

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Being named the “£6 Million Pound Mum” here in the UK has been both thrilling and life changing. I have been in MLM-Multi Level marketing since 2002 and our annual turnover in 2011 as a team was more than £6 Million pound.  Achieving this amount of sales in just one year managed to earn me […]

What is MLM?

MLM Multi Level Marketing the Credit Crunch Buster! Multi Level Marketing is a concept that has been around for hundreds of years.  It is the only way that every day people like you and me can make a “Dream Life” for ourselves and our families without having to have prior knowledge of the business model or any sales […]

Achieving your dreams with Multi Level Marketing

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Achieving your dreams with Multi Level Marketing isn’t as simple as it sounds. I have been in MLM since 2002 and have built a £6 Million annual turnover. MLM is a simple concept but needs discipline and determination. In this short video I talk about what you can achieve with exactly that! Multi Level Marketing […]

The Ultimate Positive Mindset

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This short video of myself talking about what I call the Ultimate Mindset will have you thinking about exactly how You SEE, THINK & FEEL about your business, friends and family. I not only talk about how having the Ultimate Mindset will have you achieving goals dreams and desires within just a few short weeks, but how […]

Leading your team to success with their Dreams

Because I have been in MLM & Network Marketing since 2002 I have seen so many others in the industry come and go. The one thing that has remained constant throughout those years are the ones that lead their teams by achieving dreams together. I have pride in helping my team and help them discover […]