Extraordinary and Great British Business Entrepreneurs…

Mastrclass series Building extraordinary bristish businesses

Have you ever wondered why and how some people in Great Britain succeed and others simply don’t!? Well, the Extraordinary British Business Audio is yours for the taking. I was honored to be part of this amazing audio along with 13 other Great British Entrepreneurs. With over 13 hours of Audio from the TOP Guru’s […]

May Passive Income growth of £1000.00!

So, another increase of £1000.00 in a 3 week period Now the Easter break is done and dusted the Avon ladies have done it again (and a few good men) If you can imagine my 1st pay cheque was just £40.00 as a Sales leader way back in the cold month of November 2002. You can now […]

Avon earnings potential is a true Residual Income

Here we are in the lull period of the year. Kids are off school and the families are off on their easter breaks.  There are notoriously less people at home to sell your Avon products too in the Easter holidays, but our residual income is still a massive one! Still, after all the economy doom and gloom our […]

Another Massive Passive income….really?

Passive Income Avon C7 2012

Yes, you have read it right!…For another 3 weeks work we have taken home a whopping £7,358.32   I know that you may see other MLM and Network Marketing companies out there telling you about how their commission plan is the one to have.  Well, i have to say I have always relied on the […]

Building Extraordinary British Businesses

Hello from Gail Reynolds What a year to be British! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the World’s biggest sporting event, and now this. There’s never been a better time to celebrate “Britishness”. Have you ever wondered what lies behind the success of the minority of business owners? Of course you have so look at what we […]

MLM success on TV

My MLM Success on TV with Declan Curry on the BBC It isn’t just a pipe dream and it certainly isn’t an illegal pyramid scheme. Avon’s MLM structure has the backing of the 125 year old company and the iconic Branding as the “Company for women” (and a few good men). Listen to Gail Reynolds […]

Passive Income with MLM

mlm earnings potential

Actual Passive income from MLM and Network Marketing March 2012 We are still in March and we have just achieved our 2nd pay cheque of the month! Check out my Earnings to date too!…Over £30,000.00 in the 1st 3 months of 2012.  It isn’t bad considering I don’t have a boss, I have had an annual increase […]

Passive Income for March 2012

Passive Income MLM Campaign 5

It is now March 2012 and my passive income over the past 3 weeks has increased by over £1000.00 on last years pay cheque…. I was paid…Over £6,848.00  Not bad considering the country keeps barking on about a recession and no jobs and no money…. Leadership and MLM is most definitely your key to financial […]

How to make a Passive Income

A Passive Income….Great, another way to earn more money! Well,yes it is…A Passive Income can be that extra bit of cash that gets you through the month, or that well deserved break you have needed over the past few years!  Or better still as in my case, a complete transformation in life style and career. […]

Dealing with the Change Process

For everyday life change and dealing with change is an every day occurrence. I believe it is how the individual deals with the changes in their life that sets the successful people apart from every one else.  One thing we all know for certain and that is change is inevitable.  Why would you think business would be […]