About Gail Reynolds

Isn’t it funny how easy and quickly your life changes when you decide enough is enough and you no longer want to be part of the “Rat Race” anymore.  That’s what happened to me way back in 2002 when I discovered the MLM industry for the 1st time (I didn’t even know it was called MLM for many years, so don’t worry if your knowledge is limited too, you are in good company).

My journey began in 2002 as an Avon lady, knocking doors and asking people if they would like to see my New Avon Brochure. After 3 short weeks my sales had reached £80.00 and I earned a whopping £8.50 for my efforts.   But, what I could see within days of joining this global cosmetics company was a future that was going to see me and my family never wanting for anything ever again!  All I had to do was COMMIT to this new venture and never give up on it no matter what friends, family and outside influences may have to say about my choice.  So I stood fast, set a goal to quit my job within 6 months and managed my time down to the last minute. My skills on time management were going to play a crucial part for me to achieve my 1st goal, as I worked 16 hours a week, had 2 kids at 2 different schools and a house and fiance to keep!

I achieved my very 1st goal, the only goal I had ever set myself was to quit my job within 6 months and I managed it in just 5 months.  My confidence went through the roof and I discovered I had lots of skill sets to bring to the business that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Back then in 2002 I would have only dreamt that my first £8.50 earnings would over the years turn into sums of over £10’000.00 income every 3 weeks.

It hasn’t been easy, and let’s face it nothing worth while ever is, but focusing and maintaining a Positive Mindset from the day I committed to this business  has seen me receive some of the most unbelievable achievements, awards, recognition and incomes that most people only ever dream of.

I started MLM & Leadership with no money, no sales back ground, no qualifications, 2 children and a part time job and income.  I was renting a flat with my boyfriend that we could barely pay for never mind putting food on the table and buying school uniforms for the kids.  But, what I also started this business with was a desire to succeed, the enthusiasm that people would love to bottle and the passion to achieve all I set out to do.  That really is it.

The Multi Level Marketing Industry has served me well, with just my courage, enthusiasm, desire and passion, I now drive a beautiful Mercedes, live in a Million Pound Home and have holidays 3 or 4 times a year.  Hard work and time management have been my key focus from the day I began and I still serve them both well.   I have learned many things about myself too, but for the most this industry has to be the only one that will give you exactly what you deserve!

Work hard-Play hard!

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