MLM success on TV

My MLM Success on TV with Declan Curry on the BBC It isn’t just a pipe dream and it certainly isn’t an illegal pyramid scheme. Avon’s MLM structure has the backing of the 125 year old company and the iconic Branding as the “Company for women” (and a few good men). Listen to Gail Reynolds […]

Dealing with the Change Process

For everyday life change and dealing with change is an every day occurrence. I believe it is how the individual deals with the changes in their life that sets the successful people apart from every one else.  One thing we all know for certain and that is change is inevitable.  Why would you think business would be […]

MLM and the UK £6 Million Pound Mum

MLM car incentive

Being named the “£6 Million Pound Mum” here in the UK has been both thrilling and life changing. I have been in MLM-Multi Level marketing since 2002 and our annual turnover in 2011 as a team was more than £6 Million pound.  Achieving this amount of sales in just one year managed to earn me […]

Achieving your dreams with Multi Level Marketing

MLM Join Now

Achieving your dreams with Multi Level Marketing isn’t as simple as it sounds. I have been in MLM since 2002 and have built a £6 Million annual turnover. MLM is a simple concept but needs discipline and determination. In this short video I talk about what you can achieve with exactly that! Multi Level Marketing […]