Extraordinary and Great British Business Entrepreneurs…

Have you ever wondered why and how some people in Great Britain succeed and others simply don’t!?

Well, the Extraordinary British Business Audio is yours for the taking.

I was honored to be part of this amazing audio along with 13 other Great British Entrepreneurs.

With over 13 hours of Audio from the TOP Guru’s in Britain today sharing their deepest secrets with honesty and integrity.


John Richardson – Dream On

How to Turn ‘I Wish I Had’ Into ‘I’m So Glad I Did’

John Richardson is the undisputed guru of the coffee shop and hospitality industry having owned, advised and operated dozens of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bars and written two best-selling business books about it.

And, he is the author of “Dream On: One Hacker’s Challenge To Break Par in a Year” the story of the fulfillment of a boyhood dream.  He has a rare combination of business and sporting success and a talent for filtering for and sharing the essential ingredients needed to achieve any dream, large or small.  He is passionate about people going for and achieving their dreams and believes that everyone can achieve something incredible within a year.

John’s wisdom, humour and inspiration to ‘get going’ is bound to come through in this interview where he will share:

  • The essential ingredient for achieving anything
  • The 2 things you must have to get you through the bad times
  • Why “The Secret” is wrong
  • His 3 step process for setting compelling goals
  • His secret to getting started


Alan Forrest Smith – Breakthrough Business Consultant and Brilliant Copywriter

How to Write Direct Response Copy That Gets Response – the British Way

Controversial business, advertising and marketing consultant, in 2003 Alan Forrest Smith was still cutting hair for a living, by 2009 he has been invited to USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe and all over the UK to share his copywriting and marketing skills.

Alan now coaches students in all parts of the world, mentoring and training them to create incredible results from something as simple as words.  His results are prolific.

Alan has written for a huge amount of familiar online entrepreneurs, including Marlon Sanders, Stephen Pierce, and Jay Abraham to name a few and his unique copy has often generated over a million dollars for his clients.

Famous copywriter Michel Fortin said on his own forum “if my life depended on a result from the copy I would ask… Alan Forrest Smith to write it”.

In 2006 Alan took one client from the brink of bankruptcy to a $2.4 Million business in just 11 months. (After 16 hours with Alan this client generated over $84,000 from one single email campaign). He also took a 3 year old failed website that had never sold a thing to sales of over $800,000 in 21 days.

His style of branding, writing and delivery is totally unique in a world of mass production.

In this Masterclass Series interview he will share:

  • The biggest mistake that people make when they write marketing copy
  • How most businesses don’t know what they are really selling
  • The simple rule to follow EVERY time you pick up your pen
  • Why charity marketing works
  • His hottest tips for getting customers to respond to your marketing message


Mindy Gibbins-Klein – Founder of The Book Midwife

Positioning Your Expertise Through Publishing

Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Founder of The Book Midwife®, has helped hundreds of experts get their message out into the market by writing and publishing the best possible books, ebooks and articles, and through delivering high impact, relevant presentations and key note speeches.

An MBA graduate in International Business, Mindy is a trained coach and marketing consultant with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world, largely running marketing departments.

Mindy established The Book Midwife® in 2001 so that she could fulfil her lifelong dream to provide personal and professional development services, and she has helped over 500 people to achieve their goals in writing their own books, articles and whitepapers quicker.

Publisher and founder of Ecademy Press, Mindy is the UK’s leading authority on writing and co-operative publishing, and passionately believes that every book deserves to be written and published, but only if it is the best book it can be.

Mindy is also co-author of Amazon’s number two best seller ‘BusinessWise’, and recently published Amazon best seller, ’24 Carat Bold – the Standard for REAL Thought Leaders’.

In this interview Mindy will:

  • Why every business owner needs to write a book
  • What publishing a book can do for your profile and status
  • How to find the book within you, even if you think there isn’t one there!
  • How to get started on writing your book
  • What makes a successful book
  • How to structure your book depending on your subject matter


Brad Burton – Founder of the UK’s Largest Networking Business, 4Networking

The Secrets of Successful Business Networking

Sometimes you have to ignore the so called experts and swim against the tide of the establishment. Sometimes you have to risk it all to make it right. Brad did both.

6 years ago Brad was delivering pizzas to keep his start-up business afloat. Now he’s MD of over 300 linked business breakfast groups, 4Networking.

4Networking is the mainstream of business networking . In Brad’s words, “We’ve stripped away the bullshit from it. You’ll never be the market leader copying the market leader… so it’s a network that is different, not for the sake of it, but because different works.”

Never one to toe the conventional line, Brad used the motivation of £25,000 of personal debt and many people telling him “it’ll never work” to build the world’s fastest growing business breakfast network – now a multi-million pound international business.

In this Masterclass, Brad will:

  • Come clean on how he built up the biggest breakfast networking group in the UK from a standing start in 6 years
  • Share his secrets on what it takes to be a great networker
  • Reveal the BIGGEST blockage to business success and his formula for breakthrough
  • Give away the recipe (nothing to do with pizzas!) for time-critical decision making in business
  • Share his 3 Secrets for Social Media success


Gail Reynolds – The Most Successful Avon Lady Ever

How to Build Your Business Using Direct Selling Without Being Salesy

Gail Reynolds – “the £6 million Mum” – has been in the 1% of top performers for Avon Cosmetics every year for the last 5 years.

Gail left school at 15 with no qualifications, had her first baby at 18 and was living in a council flat on social security on her own with two children when she was 25.

She only started working as an Avon lady to make new friends when she moved cities 9 years ago, and was so successful that she began recruiting her own representatives.  She now has a team of 2500 reps and a £6.5million business.

In this Masterclass Series she will share:

  • The three essential criteria that need to be in place to be successful in direct selling
  • How anyone can be successful at direct selling
  • How a 15 degree shift in your thinking can increase your results dramatically
  • Why you need to let go of “the rules of direct selling” if you want to excel
  • How to deal with rejection


Neil Stafford

How to use the knowledge you don’t even realize you have to build your business

Neil Stafford is one half of The 2 Neils.  Neil Stafford and Neil Travers are widely considered the UK’s leading Internet and Information Marketers with a wide range of businesses in niche markets diverse as Football, Horse Riding, Chinese Cooking, Training, Consulting, Gardening to name just a few.

They specialise in finding hidden markets and tapping into that market by providing information products delivered over the Internet in digital format or physical products shipped out via the mail.

They publish the Internet’s LONGEST running, and most established, PRINTED Newsletter, The Internet Marketing Review and have been helping people establish and grow their own online businesses since 2000.

Both Neils are regularly asked to speak on stage in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK, USA and Australia and are always asked back due to the unparalleled amount of information they freely give out.

Recognised as experts in their field they are the first port of call for help from many of today’s online marketers; their knowledge of Information Marketing  is second to none with a unique understanding of how this information can be used to create a multi-million pound or dollar business no matter where you are in the world.

Neil Stafford is a keen mountain biker and enjoys scuba diving amongst many other outdoor pursuits. He has a growing interest in gardening but still can’t remember plant names!

In this Masterclass Interview, Neil will share:

  • How to do the work once and get paid over and over
  • His WHOLE blueprint for setting up a continuity business in 48 hours that supports your existing business
  • How this works in any business – wait until you hear his real life case studies!


Sarah Lloyd-Hughes – Author of ‘How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking’

Speaking to Build Your Business in an Authentic Way

Sarah is the author of the Amazon best seller, ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’. She is also an award winning social entrepreneur & founder of Ginger Training & Coaching.

Prior to setting up Ginger, Sarah’s career has included training more than 3000 young people, helping start up an environmental recruitment consultancy company called Bright Green, running the Hub Islington – a workspace for social and environmental enterprise – corporate training in three countries and election to a National Vice President position for the international student leadership organisation AIESEC.

Sarah helps senior professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to communicate in a way that is not only powerful, but authentic. She develops public speakers who are not only technically ‘good’ at what they do, but who can inspire an audience to action.

In this Masterclass, Sarah will share:

  • The communication secrets of the most powerful British business people
  • The 6 qualities of an inspiring speaker and how to acquire them
  • How to succeed in high-pressure public speaking situations where we have to impress
  • Why TED Talks are changing the game for how business people communicate


Nick Jervis, Service Business Marketing Expert

Winning New Clients From Your Website Without Spending a Fortune!

Nick Jervis left legal practice to set up a marketing consultancy for solicitors and other professional services businesses. With “Small Business Salt”, Nick has helped hundreds of service based businesses to increase their profits through effective sales and marketing strategies. Due to such repeated success Nick is able to guarantee that his products or services will have a dramatic and positive impact on your profitability.

Nick has also launched several other profitable businesses including Loyalty Law Limited, 1stClaims and Samson Internet Marketing.

During this Masterclass interview you will discover why every business should be winning new clients from their website including:

  • Dispelling the myths that you must spend big to win new visitors
  • How your website should look to attract and convert your visitors into new clients
  • What you really need to know about the back end gubbins
  • Pleasing Google And your visitors (but not necessarily yourself or your website designer)
  • Additional simple steps to increased website traffic


Matt Hodkinson – Founder and Chief Listening Officer at Influence Agents and Recognized Worldwide as a Thought Leader in Social Media

How to Build Your Business with Social Media

Matt Hodkinson is Founder and Chief Listening Officer at Influence Agents, where his early adoption, and subsequent research into the best techniques and tools for social media monitoring have seen him gain worldwide recognition as a thought leader in the area.

Regularly invited to speak on BBC television and radio, Matt also speaks to audiences around the UK, in an effort to inform brands and business owners on best practice for turning an ear to the consumer. Social media has the power to bring better alignment between product output and consumer satisfaction – but only when you listen to what the consumer wants. Matt advocates the use of co-creation to welcome consumers and existing customers into an immersive, creative role, as well as empowering customers to serve each other, post-sale.

On a personal level, Matt lives in Surrey, UK, with his amazing wife and 2 beautiful daughters. If not working or enjoying family time, you’ll find him enjoying his other passion … cutting up the Alpine slopes on his snowboard.

In this interview Matt will share with us:

  • The big mistakes that most businesses do with their social media
  • What you need to do before you send a single tweet
  • His 5 step process to building your business through social media
  • What you should and shouldn’t outsource in your social media strategy
  • The hottest free software to save you time and get your message to your market fast


Paula MacArthur – Founder of the Mastermind Agency, Talking for Britain

How You Can Build Your Business By Talking About It

With a background of 20 years in marketing and event design, she set up The Mastermind Agency a year ago to pursue her passion of ‘connecting and collecting smart people’.


In this interview Paula will share:

  • The reasons that Tony Robbins, Simon Cowell, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey all belong to Mastermind Groups
  • The 4 Secrets of a great Mastermind Group
  • The mindset and attitude that is critical to Mastermind Group success
  • How to set up a successful Mastermind Group
  • What you HAVE to do to ensure your Mastermind Group doesn’t go ‘pear-shaped’!


Lara Morgan – Multi-Millionaire Founder of Pacific Direct, Now Helping Small Businesses via ‘Company Shortcuts’

Short Cut Secrets to Business Success

“Down to earth, direct, sometimes bolshie, competitive, driven, compassionate, caring, highly commercially minded, lucky and happy.” This is how Lara Morgan describes herself.

The same year she finished school with expectations of going to university, her father was declared bankrupt. As a result, she found herself borrowing her first business clothes from a mate of her mother’s and going for a job interview.

At 18 she taught herself the art of sales, and by 21 was managing a Yellow Pages sales team in 6 countries in the Gulf.

She started her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd, manufacturing and selling brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry, at the age of 23. Seventeen years later she sold her majority share (99%) for £20million.

She has now founded CompanyShortcuts.com, a source of practical advice and frameworks to enable businesses leaders to achieve accelerated growth.

In this interview Lara will reveal:

  • The 4 Building Blocks on which every successful business is based
  • The ONE aspect of a business that every business owner MUST focus on
  • The key mistakes that every business owner must avoid making, yet that so many still make
  • The 5 characteristics that the most successful business owners display
  • Proven strategies (she used all these herself) to get the best out of your people and create accelerated growth.


Simon Jordan, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor

How to Go From Local to Global Using Online Video

Simon Jordan took his own business from local to global in just 7 months using online video.  In this interview he will tell you how he did it and how you can too.

Simon took his 27 years experience in the advertising and marketing world and turned himself into something of a marketing sensation!  Since starting his online TV channel he has been offered work all round the globe and you will often find him as keynote speaker on the stages of renowned business ‘gurus’.

He is the host of SimonJordan.TV the highly acclaimed online TV show were he shares his marketing hints and tips to a global audience and the author of “How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers)”.

He is also a marketing mentor to thousands of business owners worldwide via his mentoring groups, TV and radio shows.

In this part of the Masterclass, Simon will be sharing with us:

  • His 3 step process to building your online presence with video
  • How to get started on a shoestring budget
  • Why being ‘real’ over ‘fake’ wins hands down
  • Plus lots, lots more – Simon always over delivers


Tim Fearon and Emma Sargent – Your Hosts and Founders of The Extraordinary Coaching Company, Helping Hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to ‘Find The Hidden Money’ in Their Business

How to Double Your Sales Without Getting a Single New Customer

Tim and Emma have been helping to grow British businesses for over 20 years with their unique blend of mindset and marketing skills and techniques. They work with entrepreneurs and business owners to enable them to transform their businesses through strengthening the personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the business owner, building water-tight relationships with customers and increasing sales.

Their mission is for all business owners to be able to create the business they really want so that they can live the life that they want.

In this 60 minutes they will share:

  • How you can out-market all your competitors by thinking differently
  • How to make your competitors irrelevant
  • How to engage with the ‘conversation in your customers’ minds’
  • How to use our 5 Step Blueprint to connect powerfully and effectively with your customers and turn them into raving fans

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